Closet Consultations

What is the condition of your closet? Is it in a state of disarray or a source of frustration? Are you at a loss for what to wear? Do you question, do I have the right basics? Do you need to get rid of some of your gently used items for some extra cash?


Closet Consultations are by appointment only 630.208.4888 or email Jane directly at  


Jane will help you edit your wardrobe and educate you so you are not overwhelmed when looking in your closet. We all tend to have too many clothes, and it becomes overwhelming. She will help you put outfits together with what you already have, let you know what you should never wear again, and help you differentiate what you need and what you don't need. Women don't need a lot of clothes we just need clothing that's versatile, that can be dressed up or dressed down.


Contact Jane at (630) 208-4888 for details and to set an appointment.